Did you know your spine is the motor that runs your brain? Movement is life.


Your body is a wonderfully complex organism comprised of nerves, muscles, ligaments, organs, glands and bones all designed to achieve one thing: Motion. It’s vital for your optimal health that all the joints of your spine are moving well and freely.


We encourage our practice members to be checked regularly to ensure their spine and nerve system is functioning at its optimum. In addition to this we provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle council as part of our holistic focus on the wellbeing of the person.


Research has shown that Chiropractic Care has much more to offer than just physical wellbeing. By advancing the way your nerve system operates, the following has been shown to be achieved:


Improved physical wellbeing

Improved flexibility of the spine, more energy, less fatigue, fewer colds and flu, fewer headaches, reduced pain.


Improved psycho-emotional wellbeing

Positive feelings about self, decreased moodiness temper and angry outbursts, less depression and anxiety, more interest in life, improved ability to think and concentrate, less anxiety and concern over vague fears, improved ability to stay on task, less distress about physical pain.


Greater life enjoyment

Experience of relaxation and well-being, positive feelings about self, interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, feeling open when relating to others, confidence in dealing with adversity, compassion for others.


More positive lifestyle changes

Improved diet, increased exercise, reduced use of prescription medications, greater relaxation.


Overall improvement in quality of life 

For example, personal life, oneself, extent one adapts to change, handling of problems in life, actual life accomplishments, life as a whole. Overall contentment with life, significant other, job, life being what one wants it to be, romantic life, co-workers, physical appearance.

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