It’s very important during Pregnancy to look after your spine and nerve system. It's a time of growth and change physically and emotionally and this places extra strain on your nervous system, muscles, ligaments and joints. During pregnancy your body releases a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin prepares your body for the birth of your baby and so ligaments become relaxed and soften. This can lead to instability of your joints and it can be easier for pelvic and spinal bones to become misaligned or subluxated. Many of the ligaments of the uterus attach to the pelvis so if the pelvis is subluxated it can create extra tension or constraint on the uterus. Adjustments to ensure the best possible pelvic alignment can assist the mother and baby for an optimal position for birth.


An optimal nerve system clear of interference will be better able to process the chemical, physical and emotional demands of pregnancy than a nerve system overwhelmed with subluxation and interference. 


Chiro Depot offers specific techniques for pregnancy and are very safe and comfortable both for mother and baby. Receiving chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can have significant benefits: assisting with lower back pain, sciatica, pubic pain, pelvic floor weakness and restless sleep.


Chiropractic care may also assist with the reduction of labour time and delivery and the likelihood of a natural delivery in a natural, drug free, intuitive and safe way.


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