What is a subluxation?

A subluxation refers to the area of the spine a chiropractor adjusts. A subluxation is a dysfunctional area of the spine that negatively affects health and wellbeing due to the way it influences the nervous system.


What causes subluxation?

There are many causative factors in the creation of subluxations and nerve interference from injuries, overuse, poor posture and stress be that physical, chemical or emotional.


What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is the way chiropractor’s correct subluxations. It is a specific and gentle force that is applied to the spine to improve its function and remove nerve interference.


What is health?

Health is much more than how you feel or lack of disease or infirmity. Health is the optimal state of physical, chemical, social and spiritual wellbeing.


What is wellness?

Wellness is much more than how you feel. It is the degree to which you can function in all aspects of your life. We believe by design and giving our mind and body what it needs we all have the right to express wellness. 


Is chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic care is remarkably safe. We modify the techniques we employ to the individual and their specific needs. We have a variety of gentle techniques at our disposal to correct subluxations and nerve interference in all ages.


How will I feel after an adjustment?

Dependent on lifestyle factors or how long your spine has been subluxated you may feel a little achy or sore after your initial adjustment(s). This is quite a common positive affect of changing the movement patterns and alignment of your spine.  


Others report feeling better with more movement, relaxed, less pain or tension, lighter, better able to breathe, more energy, or alert after an adjustment. It all depends on what state of function your nervous system is in at the time you receive your spinal adjustment. 

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