Chiropractic is a scientific, artistic and philosophic health profession. It is safe, it is natural and an ideal addition to a healthy lifestyle.


Chiropractic can be summed up with four premises.

The body is a self healing and self regulating organism. For example if you cut yourself your body will heal it. Even when you don’t feel your best, your body is always trying to stay healthy.

The nerve system is the master controlling system of your body. It controls the functioning of every cell, tissue and organ.

When your spine is out of alignment or not moving properly (a subluxation) it interferes with the function of the nerve system. There is a breakdown in the information between the brain and the body. Similar to losing reception on your cell phone during a call. Subluxations affect your health and wellbeing.

Chiropractors analyse and correct subluxations so your body can heal, adapt and self regulate in an ever-changing environment. e n j o y l i f e

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